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IDE-R problem - can't make it work

Community Manager

Using SBM mode on Intel DQ45EK motherboard.

IDE-R & SOL are enabled in ME Configuration.

Manageability Commander Tool says "IDE Redirect - ENABLED" (see pics).

But Terminal Tool says that "IDE Redirect - DISABLED" and "Redirect Active" item is inactive (see pics).

When I try to boot from redirect bootable CD (Terminal Tool: Remote Command --> Remote reboot to redirect CD), my ATM PC show "a bootable divice has not been detected. Please refer to the product guide ..." message...

I'm really stuck.


I'm using Manageability Developer Tool Kit - v. 0.6.08337.2

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Our team is responsible for supporting the Manageability Developer tool Kit, I am sorry you expierenced this issue and more sorry we missed the support request. If you are still experiencing this issue please respond to this thread and/or contact us directly at There are some setup steps that aren't always obvious in the Commander tool that I will go collect and supply if you require.



Intel Digital Office SW Engineering Team


There are a couple of things that may be going on here:

  1. The "Remote Control" tab view in the main Commander window may be out-of-sync with the actual ME settings. I suggest trying to change the "Redirection Port' and/or the "IDE Redirect" enabled states by clicking on the toggle button to determine if there are any issues with this. When they have been re-enabled, click on the "Take Control" button and verify if the "Redirect Active" menu command is still disabled.
  2. The user needs to have specified either a valid image file or physical drive for both the floppy and CDROM drives. Without this and the enabled redirection (IDER) port, the terminal tool will not allow the user to start the redirection feature via the "Disk Redirect" menu -> "Redirect Active" (as indicated with a check mark next to this menu item). Once redirection is started in the terminal menu the user can then remotely reboot the target AMT system to either the redirected floppy or CDROM drive/image.

- Brett McKown

Senior Software Engineer

Intel Digital Enterprise Group, Digital Office Platform Division


Hi Brett,

I've tried the the debug steps you suggested 'm still having problems.

The 'Redirect Active' is still greyed out as per the attached Terminal screen shot.

Does it matter what type of system the Commander tool is installed on?

I'm using a laptop with XP Professional OS and a USB floppy drive

Community Manager

Hi johnburtchaell,

You should use a newer CPU to support AMT.

When I used Q9400, the "Redirect Active" was not grayed out;

When I used Q6800, the "Redirect Active" was grayed out.

But the IDER function still can't work .