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IDE/USB redirection in Intel EMA



Release of Intel EMA seems to be ready to allow AMT devices to power on from ISO images, as it is possible to do it with Intel Manageability Commander when not using Intel EMA.

I have copied some ISO images to C:\ProgramData\Intel\EMA\USBR in Intel EMA Server, IDE/USB redirection is activated in the AMT profile, but I am not able to power on a device on IDE-R.

On one side, I am not able to choose which image I want to use when the device is powered on (as it is possible on IMC). In the other side, when in the Intel AMT option, the device is powered off, I select the power option, if I select show only valid commands, only "power up" and "power up to BIOS" are showed.

Intel EMA server is version and the AMT devices have FW 11.8.x

I don´t know if I doing something wrong, but it seems there is nothing more I can configure

Regards and thanks in advance



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Hello FFern4,

Thank you for contacting Intel Customer Support.

Please allow us to check on your question, and we will get back to you as soon as possible,

Best regards,

Sergio S.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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