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Intel AMT & Console Interoperability...Interested to know more?


How many consoles can talk to a system where Intel AMT has been configured? Although only one console\session can occur at a time - any number of consoles\applications can talk to Intel AMT. The trick is ensuring the Intel AMT configuration is compliant to the various console\application requirements within your environment.

There are three common steps:

  1. Detection of Intel AMT by the console. This often includes Intel AMT version and configuration state
  2. Configuration of the console\application with appropriate credentials and settings to communicate to Intel AMT
  3. Configuration of Intel AMT to work with the target consoles or applictions within your environment

Some consoles, such as Microsoft SCCM or LANDesk, expect to own the configuration of Intel AMT. Other consoles, such as Altiris CMS or McAfee ePO Deep Command, may have specific Intel AMT configuration requirements yet are flexible in that an external utility (i.e. Intel SCS 8) can configure Intel AMT. Scripts and utilities such as Intel vPro PowerShell Module only require the correct credentials and certificate information are provided at the time of execution.

Last week in my lab, I did a quick test where the LANDesk console configured Intel AMT and a McAfee ePO Deep Command solution was able to use the technology. Recent customer scenarios have led to Altiris\McAfee, SCCM\Altiris, SCCM and RealVNC Viewer Plus, SCCM\Altiris\McAfee, BMC Marimba and vPro PowerShell, and so forth.

Are you interested to know more on how this is done? Write a comment below.

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