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Intel D865GLC BIOS Upgrade Problem

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Have a D865GLC mother board that was on a Linus system. Loaded Windows XP Professional.

The problem began when the drivers were needed for the on board LAN, Video and Sound.

On the intel site it had a BIOS upgrade for Windows XP that had in red letters MOST COMMONLY USED.

I tried it and now when booting up it ask for a password. I tried every password I put into the system while changing it over and nothing works.

The BIOS upgrade was - BF86510A.0077.P25.EB.EXE

If anyone knows how to get a password for this I would appreciate it-otherwise the system is trashed and can't be used since it will not go beyond asking for the password.

None of the F keys work either to bypass it-tried them all.

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Hi there,

Intel Desktop Board:

Method to remove Supervisor Password:

Switch the BIOS Jumper to the Configuration/Maintenance Mode

Then you will have an option Clear BIOS Password.

Select this option

Save and Exit

Switch off the System

Put the jumper back to normal position.

More Information on BIOS Jumper:

I just did it on my Intel Board.

All the best,



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i have a problem with my mother board i dont know that whats problem, i think this is bios problem but can u tell me that when i use

usb in my pc then why my pc will be hang it doesnt work plz help me

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I know some methods.


1. The best and easiest method: Cloce OS and shut down the electricity power of computer. Open your computer box, take out the cmos battery from the mainboard. Then the bios password will be reset to blank. Put it back after a few minutes.


2. Follow some hard tutorials, it is difficult to do. It is better that you are a expert. For example this tutorial: Bypass BIOS Password or Crack CMOS Password?


3. Use the bios password recovery tool, but that is not free!

So I would suggest you the 1st method. Hope it helps.