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Intel SCS Addon for SCCM 2012 integration AMT WebServer cert question.


In the SCCM 2012 the "Out of Band Management Component properties" under the General tab, there is a place to select an AMT web server certificate template. Is this still used if the Intel SCS addon is installed? The directions from BKMK_AMT2008_cm2012 technet, (Creating and Issuing the Web Server Certificate for AMT-Based Computers) for configuring the certificate template differ from the directions in the Intel SCS user documentation from section: 9.2.5 Defining Enterprise CA Templatese directions. Which type of cert is the correct one for this section?

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If you use Intel SCS for Remote Configuration or ACUConfig.exe for Host Based Configuration of Intel AMT - SCCM native Remote Configuration capabilities will not be used anylonger.

Although SCCM OOB role to be installed (OOB role is required to suport Intel AMT remote management) will still demand AMT RCFG certificate so :

  1. if you use RCFG Configuration - you can provide same certificate as you used for RCS service


    or in any case
  2. simply type two identical numbers (ex. 44) in Remote Povisioning cert hash window -to "spoof" SCCM OOB role installer.


You do not have to configure any other setting of MS SCCM OOB role if using Intel SCS. Any provided certificate template will not be used at all.

Please remember to disable automatic AMT provisionig for each collection in SCCM.

Intel SCS requires AMT Web server (TLS) certificate template to use "Supply in the request" setting in certificate template Subject name tab.

MS SCCM native AMT Provisioning used it in bit different way so that is why Subject Name settings are different in MS SCCM manuals - and they are incorrect for Intel SCS!



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