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Intel xeon mp, HP DL580 G2

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Hey, im a 16 year old aussie, and i have just bought a dl580 for $150 aud.

its got 4x2.0ghz xeon processors and 4gb of ram.

i bought it as a learning aid, as i have always been interested in servers.

how ever i am finding it hard to find infomation on, even hps site isn't helping me, probably because i don't know what im reading alot of the time.

What i would like to know is:

  • What are my CPU upgrade options? i understand that it is a xeon MP. how ever from what i have read, there are lots, and im yet to find anything on compatability.

i would also be extremly greatful if anyone can offer advice on where to start and why im about to have to pay so much for a 15amp iec cable.

Any help is appreciated.




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Hey, sorry to double post, i have figured that it must be a gallatin, or what ever that means,and 603 pin/socket.