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Is there a way to provision the AMT via Powershell or Bios Update

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Hello around.


I gotthe job to test VPro in an SCCM2007 R2 enviroment.


Unfortunatly i haven't worked with Vpro yet and find it a little confusing. Perhaps someone can show me the right path.


We have a PKI with client certificates running. At the moment we only need in-band managment. All clients are


managed via SCCM 2007 R2. I have found some videos showing how to filter the unprovisioned clients and provision them


via the Out-of-Band managment in SCCM. Question is how can i configure the AMT settings like Password, DNS, Hostname and so one


without touching every client. (We have 8000 at the moment)


Is there a way to change these settings with a Bios Update or a script?

I would be glad if someone could help me out.

Thank you


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Hi Tombaer,

It may be easiest to just configure the machines using SCCM. Take a look at this technet article on SCCM Out of Band Management:

Also, check out the Microsoft Manageability section on the vPro Expert Center:


And also the SCCM Specific Guides here:


It is possible to configure via PowerShell, but it would be a somewhat complicated set of scripts that have to be executed.

To get started with the AMT vPro PowerShell Module:


Hope this helps!


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Hi Josh,

thank's for the links i think i will start some reading.