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Lifting the 20-computer-limit of Intel Manageability Developer Toolkit



We found out, that in the downloadable version of the "Intel Manageability Developer Toolkit" there is a limit of the number of computer that can exist in the list. Trying to add more than 20 brings up an error message "sorry, only 20 allowed". The list is per site, there is no central list covering all sites.

we really like to have about 50 to 100 computers in the list simultaneously (meaning without adding or removing computers). That is the _actual_ number of computers we have and may increase over time to about 250

So, what needs to be purchased? If possible, exact article number?

We dont plan on buying any other software. "Use what you already have if possible" is the mantra of the management.


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You can download the Intel AMT DTK source code, make the necessary changes, and recompile the software in order to lift the 20 computer limit.

1. Download the Intel AMT DTK source code

2. Extract source code from ZIP file to a working directory

3. Open the Manageability Commander Tool directory

4. Edit the MainForm.cs file

5. Change line 224 from:

if (Utils.GetNodeTagsofType(rootNode, typeof(AmtSystem)).Count >= 20)


if (Utils.GetNodeTagsofType(rootNode, typeof(AmtSystem)).Count >= 9999999)

6. Open the Manageability Commander Tool.sln Visual Studio solution (in the root of the source code folder)

Note: You can download Visual C# 2008 Express Edition for free if you don't have Visual Studio

7. Build the Manageability Commander Tool (in the Solution Explorer, right-click the project, and click Build)

8. Navigate to the Manageability Commander Tool\obj\debug folder and run your new executable

Let me know if this helps.

Trevor Sullivan

Systems Engineer

OfficeMax Corporation

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