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Looking forward to supporting Embeded AMT

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'Hi everyone - Im Sean, and have been working on AMT since we first deployed it. I have a background in FW debug and BIOS compliancy. These are foundations to correct manageability. For the past two years I have been working on end customer activations and have been learning the scope of Infrastructures used by governments, Banks and corporate enterprises. All are unique and all have there own unique implementations. while I don't feel I can be called an expert yet, I do have a large set of tools inside of Intel that I can call on and help understand and resolve unique issues.

My main piece of advice to all engineers responsible for developing and deploying AMT is to start with the latest BIOS and FW builds available thru your OEM's. Review and leverage the vPro expert center for tools to validate setup and permissions and Please use real world settings in your deployment testing, I can't tell you how many issues start off with "it worked in the lab, but" Switches, Ports, CA's, permissions, all need to be reviewed and set up properly.

Looking forward to seeing creative ways of using AMT in this embeded community

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Your advice is truly words of wisdom from an expert. You're right. We in embedded believe in leveraging the outstanding ground work laid by vPro Expert Center community and applying it to the embedded sub-community. Experts like you, we will rely upon to not create mistakes already encountered and make it a easy Intel vPro deployment for our customers.

Your participation is highly encouraged and desired!


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here is a perfect example of my statement on tesitng in a lab and duplicating your real world environment - found today on vPro expert center - /thread/3770?tstart=30 - the engineer offers good insight on how they overcame there issue but here is what caught my eye - The problem is that we didn't anticipate the issue from our lab testing. We set up our lab as a single domain with the CA and the SCCM box on the same level .