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Q9000 Quad Core and automatically setting Affinity


Hi, I recently purchased a laptop with a Q9000 core 2 quad processor running on Vista 64bit. I know how to manually set the affinity of processes (which resets to the default [using all 4 cores] after an application is closed), and I know that I can alter the shortcuts of applications to start with a certain affinity setting, but both methods are too time consuming and arent capable of doing what I want to do.

My first question is: is there software out there that is capable of automatically altering the affinity settings of processes on my computer, letting me have some control over the affinity as well? I have downloaded one program, "CPU-Control," but the application has very weak support, and isn't very powerful.

My second question is: is this even necessary? should I even be bothering with this stuff at this point? Or should I wait as more applications come out that support multi-cores effectively with SMP/

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