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Media redirect and install from ISO


Running BIOS MYBDWi5v.86A.0030.2016.0527.1657

I would like to redirect storage to my NUC so that I can install OS on it by booting an ISO I have on my Laptop.

I use Intel vPro Platform Solution Manager, and I redirect storage pointing at my ISO.

Booting NUC...

I can see some activity on my NIC, although it is not going fast. Someting like 100 kbps. After some time is stops and boots the already installed system from its local HD.

When I boot into UEFI BIOS, I can choose to boot redirected media... but it skips it... and boots on local harddrive.

What am I missing?

Regards, Lars.

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Slow speed of AMT Redirection may be result of starting AMT redirection from S5 state where AMT limits LAN speed to 100 MBps only and does not renegotiate it on power on.


Try turning it on first, then as soon as power state transition happens start IDE-Redirection with Reboot to IDE-R CD image -whithout sutting it.

if your network is 1Gig AMT will keep this link speed.

IDE-R have native speed limitation over Wired LAN at approx 2000kbytes/s - due to ... Intel ME ucontroller beeing small best IT friend inside chipset.


please check Faster Booting Over IDER reference design.

Boot stopping may be matter of ... Secure Boot being enabled (try disabling it for OS reimage time) and/or UEFI/Legacy BIOS Boot settings - try the other boot option.

IDE-R Intel HD CD/DVD emulated is a standard CD/DVD device with ... Intel VID/PID - some preboot images of bootable ISO (the one that emulates FDD from CD) do not recognize it as standard CD/DVD and the main part of OS image storage is not visible.


You may need to modify your OS installation boot image to include standard CD/DVD driver for those Intel VID/PID device.


Above link may be also helpfull for this.


Dariusz Wittek


Intel EMEA Biz Client Solution Architect
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Thanks... I ended up installing from USB-drive... (-;

Will save your text for for next time...

Regards, Lars.

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