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My dream computer!


In the next few years focused on the development of personal computers is the wireless technology. Wireless high-definition audio, video and network will become the standard configuration. The wireless keyboard and mouse, that can operate a computer on monitor, can also be large-screen TV or projector in the film to enjoy playing the game. At home in a reasonable position equipped with wireless audio, wireless keyboard can start playing music, wireless keyboard Can also support the operation of the functions of home appliances.

In this way, Computer case in the future is only a plug box, so that the boxes placed at home, it must be quiet, clean and personalized.

It's a home accessories, it's an adult toy.

These are the advantages of my frame:

1 Computer case is all closed, without dust, which solves most of the computer problems coursed by dust. Except hardware broken, the case needn't opening.

2 No fans, no noises, power saving and environment protection.

3 Board will not change shapes for gravity, loose for shocks, or arouse bad touch. Machines are more durable.

4 Succeeding characteristics of DIY from ATX case .Consumers can DIY freely.

5 Super functions on delivering heat, which makes it suitable to use heater CPU. Temperature can be seen whenever it is, which is suitable for over clocking.

6 Power supplier, hardware and CD-ROM which shocks are at the bottom of the case, decreasing shocks of the case efficiently and making the noise weaker.

7 Memory, hardware...and all the parts on the motherboard can deliver heat efficiently.

8 Shells can be designed with various lower-temperature systems to satisfy different consumer groups.

9 Computer case are more beautiful and styles vary more.

10 CPU and motherboard which needn't too much changing can be put into production and be on listing.

11 Enlarged space of motherboard will contribute to future development.

12 More advantages and concepts will be good for promotion.

13 Provide a new standard. Acquire pays for use of patent from other board manufacturers.

14 No fans on CPU, smaller packaging, lighter weight and lower freight.

15 Board manufacturers only need make products well, not worry about cooling or style of fans.

Among all the most famous PC newspapers and magazines, half of the computer failures are caused by dust and cooling. New frame fully defends those faults, making manufactures concentrate on the product of hardware itself, but not provide too much after-sales service.

The new frame has so many advantages, that I believe it will be soon promoted to the global market under the support of your corporation. At that time, computer consumers all over the word will change their computers to new ones contain so many advantages given above.

Motherboard vertical view

This is the picture of the new motherboard designed by me. Though the picture is a little rough and the sizes have some faults, the main idea as been expressed. All the gold-finger slots are changed into pin sockets.

Case left side view

Case right side view

It's to transport heat from the main parts of CPU and board to the large heat sink by the side. Case is all closed, without dust. It introduced the advantage of the design detailed.

Equipment for cooling located at the side of the case, make it easy to demolition and to promote. We can design a wide range of cooling equipment for the user to choose, through the spring or magnet slot in the case side of the adsorption. If the design of the windmill made of metal, Christmas tree can cross over to place, design a swimming pool, golf course ... ... meet the needs of different consumer groups. The replacement of individual users of CPU cycles may be 4-6 years, and personalized cooling equipment replacement cycle will be fast, it is foreseeable that this is a piece of the lucrative market.

This structure has many advantages, in line with the trend of the future development of the computer and personalization. I believe it will set off the launch of a new wave of computer buying.

Natural cooling


Heat pipe cooling


Water-cooled radiators

When the cooling system on the outside, the desktop PC will be more exciting.

David Cui


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