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My proposal for model computer design prizes from my model national constitution and budget.


From my model national constitution and budget [ For Australia ]; : $1,000,000,000 [per year] for free open source next generation laptop personal computer hardware design specifications research prizes, {Intel}. {Free design for a hybrid of 6 special purpose computers mounted into a single laptop chassis; 1-3D graphics and game console, 2-Office suite software computer, 3-Shared operating system computer, 4-Recognition and response computer, 5-Sound synthesizer computer , 6-Communications and server computer. Sharing the same monitor, power supply, chassis, operating system, drives, and each of the others computers functions. With 12 optical bus sockets [Each with 4 in and 4 out optical bus ] plus power in/out sockets on the middle of width from front to back of motherboard for cable to various drive bay and in/out modules. Bottom opening to expose 50 mm wide in middle of width x 30 mm from front to back junction area and optical bus connectors. 12 bays; 6 left access drive bays and panels and 6 right side access drive bays and panels. Each side having 3 bays deep x 2 bays high. Each bay 100 mm wide x 25mm thick x 200mm deep from the side. 2 bays thick [2 x 25 mm = 50 mm] x 3 bays deep from the front [3 x 100 mm = 300 mm] on each side. Front and rear bays separated by 50 mm cable area. Bays sunken 5 mm into case to protect jacks. With 5mm for chassis on all sides. Plus 5 mm thick x 470 mm wide x 290 mm high monitor screen folding open to 45 degrees with visible area of 44 cm wide x 28 cm high to protect keyboard and screen in transit. Screen with anti-reflective coating. Keyboard measuring 47 cm wide x (29 cm deep + 1 cm border + 1 cm for hinge) x 1 cm thick keyboard. Motherboard measuring 44 cm wide x 29 cm deep x 2cm thick with 40 input x 40 output optical bus switch/router with 8 flexible rubber mounts. So laptop computer measures 46 cm wide x 9.5 cm thick, and 31 cm deep. [ A lot thicker than normal laptops ] *1st bay for betavoltaic [nuclear battery] power generator and/or domestic wall power to computer transformer and power supply. With left panel for power cable socket and power switches and power LED. Cable from power supply to mother board. Cable to motherboard. Power socket. Silent cooling by thermal/electric converter refrigeration, no fan noise. Betavoltaic nuclear generator power supply for full portability. 2 alternative power sockets on motherboard. *2nd bay right bay for battery. With panel for Charge level indicator, Power consumption display and in watts and Estimated battery time remaining at current consumption. For un-interrupt-able power supply. *3rd bay and 1 in/out socket for 2d office software processing unit module; Electronic quad core CPU chip each core having 1 gb of cache processing speed meter for each core on panel. Mouse and standard qwerty keyboard using USB interface of memory module. Single 2D graphics processing unit. Silent chip cooling by thermal/electric converter refrigeration, no fan noise. With own FullHd digital display socket. Y cable to switch between 2D graphics module and 3D graphics and touchscreen module output. *4th bay and 1 in/out socket for peer to peer multi-user cloud 3D gaming graphics processing unit module; For display, 2 joysticks, gaming touchscreen display, and customizable display on each tactile key keyboard. With 100 electronic core chip 3D graphics processing unit module, With processing module internal 110 bus x 1 optical fiber bus router input and 110 bus x 1 optical fiber router output optical router. Each 3D graphics core having 64 optical electrical/electrical modulator for 64 wavelengths [64 bit] input fiber from optical bus router plus 64 optical/electrical modulator for 64 wavelengths [64 bit] output fiber to optical bus router. With each GPU core having 200 mb of cache RAM for 3d graphics component rendering and 200mb of flash memory for a {OpenGL} 3D graphics libraries and routines integrated into each GPU core. Each core able to produce more than 1 component. Sound signals go through the in/out bus socket to audio socket of audio module, so no separate interconnect cables required. Full HD video camera input jack with 5 and 12 volt video camera power. With electronic output to HDMI 1920 x 1080p front panel video display socket. Customizable key keyboard and mouse socket using USB interface of memory module. Customizable keyboard controller with 50 pixel x 50 to 100 pixel display on each tactile key. Silent cooling by thermal/electric converter refrigeration, no fan noise. 4gb graphics RAM memory combining output from 100 3d graphics processing units also, also 1gb flash memory for full {OpenGL} 3D graphics libraries and routines integrated into the 3D graphics module. Using a peer to peer cloud 3D browser to play in worlds using components generated on any users own computer and backed up on-to a multitude of users computers. *5th bay and 1 in/out socket for communications and server module. Femtocell [ cellular phone base station ] including WiFi and WiMax, UDSL and/or optical router and server module. Connector for connection to a copper and an optical cable wall socket to the local DSLAM. With rear panel router and cell function LEDs, Router on/off switch. 100 x 1ghz CPU with optical bus to shared 100gb shared memory. Using the office module graphics processor for display for server administration. *6th bay and 1 in/out socket for neural recognition and response module. With speech, sound, and 3D graphics recognition unit with 1,000,000 miniture 1khz processor cores [1,000 cores x 1,000 cores] each with own electronic bus to the cores own 10 mb flash memory for each recognition template. With environmental awareness and navigation unit with 100 laser range finder navigation unit with 100 laser inputs, compass, tilt meter, and GPS to record and paste varible interval images updates of the environment onto a 3D model of the environment, With most recent updates components stored on 1 Tera-byte of shared flash memory, When an environment is accessed an all directions environment image transferred to the combined recognition and response unit 4gb of RAM, for processing by response unit processor. All recognition cores sharing the same daisy chained optical in and out inter-connector to report recognitions and for up-date of templates. Also central response unit with 100 miniture 100 mhz processor cores [10 cores x 10 cores] each with own electronic bus from each core to own 100 mb of ram cache and 4 gigabyte of shared RAM memory. Silent cooling by thermal/electric converter refrigeration, no fan noise. With 2 microphone, 2 video camera, and 100 laser range finder inputs. Plus robotics actuator port with 10 connector each able to be be daisy chain-able to any extent. Speech output to bus router to sound module. *7th bay and 1 in/out socket for a sound system; Sound card, amplifier, and 128 sample [128 instrument] midi synthesizer. Plus rear panel left front, right front, left rear, right rear and powered sub-woofer speaker jacks and audio controls. *8th bay and 1 in/out socket for Linux operating system module; 4 giga-byte of shared CPU RAM (Random Access Memory) processing memory for the operating system, Plus 200 giga-byte of internal Solid State Drive flash storage memory. Also on the front panel 1 x SD plus 1 x SDHC plus 1 x SDXC flash card media reader and 3 x USB ports for printer, media and other devices. Plus 54 mm wide 40 mm deep slot for to half way insert a chip card, A credit card sized but 4 mm thick flash card with infra red interface solar panel and recharging battery, also with a finger print reader which must be passed within the last hour for access to accounts. The chip card required for cloud computing access to accounts including identity, user files such as medical records, financial account access, and stored value card for to allow automatic access to accounts and web-site applications as an alternative to entering passwords, user-name, and address and other details. Radio access to stored values when a button is switched on, Also with password required to be entered into the computer to recharge on card credits. For payment of user defined amounts of micro payments such as for transport and online services. Bus between storage, and processing memory for fast loading of operating system and user software. *9th bay and panel and 1 in/out socket for wireless broadcast receiver module. For television, radio, and datacast [ Radio broadcast newspapers, share market information, and educational television testing ] receiver. With front panel datacast, radio and television, frequency and channel information display and remote control transducer. 3 x wired receiver antenna cable to 3 jacks on rear bay panel. *Spare 10th, 11th, and 12th bay and Spare 10th, 11th, and 12th in/out optical bus socket on motherboard; Could be used for second battery.

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