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Need Help Provisioning Legacy HP system (AMT 5.2)


I need help provisioning my AMT 5.2 HP Elite 8000 desktop. I've configured newer AMT 9 systems with this management server with the same certs and profiles so I believe that it should work. I've been using the ACUconfig included in IntelSCS_9.1.2.74 and the ConfigviaRCSonly option. I've tried using the ConfigAMT option also though. Regardless of whether I use RCS or AMT, I get this message.

Exit with code


Details: Failed to configure this Intel(R) AMT device.

Initial connection to the Intel(R) AMT device failed.

A valid PKI certificate was not found in Certificate Store of the user running the Remote Configuration Service.

As far as I understand, ConfigviaRCSonly is host-based provisioning, while ConfigAMT is remote based provisioning. According to this youtube video, the cmd: ACUConfig.exe /output console configamt profilename.xml should provision on any system regardless of whether or not it supports Host-based provisioning, which this system doesn't since it's AMT 5.2 (pg 4). My management server is a VM through Hyper-V so I don't believe that configuration via USB is an option but I could be wrong in that.

Attached are my SCSDiscoveryData and my AMT Configuration Results.

Any guides or direction or questions would be helpful here.


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Based on what you described, you are using HBC and in this case it will work with AMT 6.2 and newer, while with older, that doesn't support HBC, it will trigger the PKI provisioning. that is the reason of this error message that you are getting.

In order to find the root cause, can you check these items:

- If you are using a internal certificate, you must inject the root CA thumbprint into ME (manually or using a USB key using USBFile.exe tool);

- Issue a certificate for vPro provisioning to Intel SCS server and add it to security context of user running the RCSServer service.

- PKI provisioning method, need that you have DHCP (doesn't work with static IP) with option 15 (suffix DNS) that matches your certificate domain.

Let us know if you have these requirements in order that we can provide a better support assistance.

Best Regards!

-Bruno Domingues