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Need help with AMT


Below are the primary queries from our side:

1> Is user name and password is required during reading and writing

data from 3PDS?

2> Is it possible to configure AMT machine remotely?

3> Is there any tool that can be used to read the data from 3PDS?

4> If there are N number of machines then we require to remember N

username-password pairs, How this problem is resolved in actual environment?

5> In enterprise mode, Is it compulsory to use security certificate?

6> Is it possible for a application to create two blocks having same name?

7> What are the best use of AMT for AntiVirus Softwares?

8> I think there is no backward compatibility for APIs(SDK 3.0 & 4.0),

How we can manage it?

9> Discovery of AMT device on N/W is very time consuming, How can we

optimize it?

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