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PTHICommand GetHostName Doubt

I´m facing a problem using ZTCLocalAgent sample code and I believe you guys can give me directions/advices in order to solve it.

I´ve implemented a software component that captures vpro inventory data. It leverages IAMT SDK ´s ZTCLocalAgent sample code. Now I´m extending this component to also get hostname and domain data but, for some reason, the function gethostname of PTHICommand always returns an empty string as result [No error is throwed by PTHIClient.ReceiveMessage].

I´ve already done a verbatim copy of these functions from Activator´s ZTCLocalAgent [Intel (r) + SCS +6.0.24 \ Source_Kit \ Source_Code \ Activator \ Activator \ ZTCLocalAgent \] source code and problem are still there.

You may figure that it´s a runtime or configuration problem in my hosting machine, but when I run the iamt_scan_v0.3.1.1 utility tool in the same machine, the value of FQDN is correctly captured back into the Windows Registry.

Have you seen any similar problem? Any advices?

Thanks in advance,

Heitor Vital

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