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Please Re-Signing the PowerShell module with UTF8


Hi, I am a System Engineer live in Japan.

I have tried to use PoweShell modulws: /community/openportit/vproexpert/microsoft-vpro/blog/2011/03/30/powershell-module-for-intel-vpro-technology-version-30-amtsystem-powershell-drive-provider

But some of the powershell script code can not be executed, because of checksum error.

Some specific character sequece with ANSI coding is automatically replased other double byte character on Japanse Windows. ANSI coding is mapped ro Shift-JIS coding on Japanese WIndows. See attached screen shot. In order to avoid this, please save all of the PowerShell source file with UTF8, and regenerate signature. Would you do this for us?

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Thank you for letting me know about this!

Intel is going to release the next 3.1 version of the PowerShell module in two weeks. So I will re-encode all the scripts to UTF-8.

Again, thank you for letting me know.