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Power Management and Management Console



I'm curious to know what is the general trend of implementing Power Management policies. Does an ISV implementing Management Console will also implement Power Management policy? What is the field deployment procedure when it comes to power management.

Appreicate some insight.

Best regards,

Naren Kumar

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Hi Naren,first off, there are white papers (engineering reviews) on that can get very deep in to power management and implementing the policies, but for an initial look we have to focus on a industry mandated requirement. In the United States we have a certification policy that requires we meet Energy Star requirements (other countries have similar certification requirements). This policy drives Intel to provide the lowest power models. This Power policy has been evolving over years and Intel continually improves its energy use. when you first receive a platform the manufacturer has set the policy to allow for the best balance of power and performance. Desktop and mobile platforms have different needs so they have different settings. ISV's do NOT set the policy, they touch the platform and discover what policy is currently being used and then gives options as to what other policies are available, it is up the the end customer to determine which policy is best for them and set there platforms across the network to that policy. With vPro technology the ability to cut power usage and remotely mange when systems turn on and off is a very compelling feature - if you review our success stories you can see companies have saved significnat monies and reduced there carbon foot print buy enabling iAMT support. Hope this helps,let me know

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