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Problem provisionning AMT less then 3.2.1


Using SCCM 2007 R3, I have been able to provision lots of computers with AMT 3.2.1 or higher. But with older systems, it started as a complete failure. Intel WS-Translator is installed but at first, not configured. I modified my collection of version less then 3.2.1, to enable OOB. After a day or two, about 5 computers were provisionned with AMT version 3.0.1 or 3.0.8. I have now 12 computers provisioned since then, all above 3.x.

For AMT versions less then 3.x, like 2.1.3, the AMT status says Not Supported. After trying to configure WS-Translator, I didn't get any system provisioned.

So I tried to provision a system by going in the BIOS (Intel DQ965GF, AMT 2.2.20) and configure the following:


-computer name

-domain name

-PID key = 4444-4444

-PPS key = 0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000

After doing that, the computer got provisioned in SCCM. I am able to send power on or off command.

Both amtopmgr.log and wstrans.log showed successful communication for this computer.

With other computers and this one before I manually configured it, amtopmgr.log shows failure to establish tcp session to x.x.x.x:16992 and 16993. WStrans.log is not showing anything.

For my WS-Translator setting, I changed the following:

-password for admin

-PID and PPS key as above

-Comodo certificat, same certificat used in SCCM OOB

-users or groups have permission to import computers left empty

-users or groups have permission to use the common service accounts, "administrators"

-listening port 443, forwarding port 16993, server cerficate, OU=Comodo Pro Series SSL, .....

-Allow Basic Authorization

From your experiences, is SCCM with WS-Translator able to provision AMT less then 3.0 with any intervention on the computers?

Looking at the flowchart in Intel SCCM guide, manual intervention is required to pre-configure AMT like I did above. Is that the only way?

Starting with which version of AMT, is there a web site accessible at https://computer https://computer fqdn:16993?

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Hi vbdino,

The lowest supported firmware for remote provisioning (cert based) is 2.2.20.

You may want to look at updating the firmware version of your systems to make sure they are the latest offered from the OEM.

As far as the webUI, it is available for all versions of AMT.



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