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Question for Automating VPro Unprovisioning

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Hi everyone,

since we got Vpro running again a new question appeared.

Our Servicedesk frequently redeploys clients and often change the client name in the process.


We automated the Workflow with Orchestrator and Powershell, now we got the problem, that the clients should be unprovisioned and cleaned from the SCS Database before the


redeployment. During the Pre-Deployment Process the Computer Objects are removed from SCCM and the AD so the AMT-Computerobject would be lost after that step.


Our boss decided that we should unprovision the client and re-provision it afterwards.

I'm now looking for a method to unprovision the client with a powershell script. I searched the AMT Powershell Module but couldn't find something for unprovisioning.

The web also has little knowledge to share up to now. I tried using the Intel.Management.Wsman.WsmanConnection Object from the Intel SDK but couldn't get it to work.

I than tried the wmi AMTOperateForMachines Method in the SMS_Collection Class but only get an generic failure. (I think it comes because the clients are externally provisioned.)

Is there a simple way to trigger an unprovisioning of the client? Powershell would preferred in our enviroment.



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