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Receive "Agent Expired" for Watchdog state in HP Client Automation OOBM


Hi All,

I successfully use HP Client Automation OOBM to discover vPro devices. However, when I try to create an agent watchdog to manage vPro deivces, a "Agent Expired" message is received.

The steps I use:


1.Created a Drop Filter with name "DogFilter1" which can disable vPro device from sending packets to the entire network.


2.Create a Policy with name "DogPolicy", Give it a high priority 88(Higher than current active policy). Assign filter "DogFilter1" to "DogPolicy"


3.Deploy "DogPolicy" to vPro device's Wired NIC Agent Presence Policy.


4.Create a Watchdog "Watchdog1" with default Heart Beat Interval 60s and default Startup Interval 300s(I change the default values, get same results).


5.Deploy "Watchdog1" to vPro device.


6.Create software list and System Message. For software list,I use symantec.exe and vmnat.exe(vmware workstation nat service) for testing. For system message, I use the default one.


7.Deploy "software list and system message" to vPro device.


8.On Device Management, select "Subscribe to Alerts" for vPro device.

9.Install OOBM local anget on vPro device, restart vPro client computer.

After servel minutes, we can see AP policy on the vPro device under Device Management. Watchdog State changes to: Agent expired.

I find the following web page on Intel site:

Based on Intel's tech reference above, it seems that "Agent expired" means "

The agent watchdog timer associated with this agent has counted down to a 0 value since the agent has not registered or sent a heartbeat within the allocated time."

I am not sure how to check if the local agent is registered or send a heartbeat.

Any idea on how to resolve the issue? The screen capture is also attached.

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Once the software list has been created and deployed to the vPro devices, the local agent registers with the watchdog. Can you verify if any of the applications on the list has stopped running? This can cause it to expire.

Other things to try.

-Remove and Recreate the watchdog

-Decrease the Heart Beat Interval

-Decrease the Startup Interval

-You can also manually modify the default settings here: Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HPCA\OOBM\Conf

The file is called ""

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