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SCS and Client Question


I have the SCS installed and made a profile however after I install the software on a client machine I do not see the machine show up on the server. Both the server and laptop on on the same network with no firewalls enabled.

Also when I vnc the laptop it asks for user consent I unchecked the option when I made the config file.

Any help woudl be great.

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It sounds like your laptop is configured in what's called client control mode. In this mode all redirection requires user consent. So even though you unchecked user consent for KVM, because your laptop is configured in CCM KVM still requires user consent.

If your goal is to use KVM without user consent there are a few ways to achieve this.

  1. Exporting your profile from SCS with the "Put locally configured devices in Admin Control mode" checked under Control Mode.
  2. Configure with a USB Key.
  3. Configure with ACUConfig using the configviarcsonly switch.
  4. Configure using the MEBx.

I can help you with whichever option you decide to use.

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