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SS4000 not booting


This is the third time i try to write this message on the Intel forum - this will be a short one.

My SS4000 will not boot. Its 0 days old, and Im using it with compatible disks. The three leds (power, disk, error) lights clear green, the same color as the NIC. The NIC places itself on, accept sockets, but replies nothing.

The system is currently not usable, ive tried new cables, mini-network, different computers - same thing happends. Power Button doesn't work for shutting it down either, it can only turn power on. Reset button does no visible change.

Hope you can help, and hope the forum doesn't discard this message (again).

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I have exactly the same issue today. The device has been working without any issue for over 3 months, but today I can't connect to it anymore. First, I noticed I can't connect to it, then, I tried rebooting the system and nothing happens. I then hold down the reset button and still no action. The three LEDs (Power, Disk, and Error) on the bottom is on constantly as well as the NIC1 light when a cable is plugged-in. However, none of the LEDs on the 4 HDs are ON. The drives seem to be spinning up, just no lights. The system does not respond to anything.

I have data I need to recover from the 4 disks. Can anyone help!!! Please!!!

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