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Setting up vPro solution across multi-forest/domain environment


I am trying to setup an environment which has 2 forests and within them, one forest has a parent domain and some servers attached to domain and the other forest has a parent and child domain + servers and clients.

DNS/DHCP are setup in each of the parent domains with forwarders to each other for resolving requests that pertain to the other forest.

Networking works beautifully between the hosts in the different forests; a one way non-transitive external trust has been established between the parent domain of forest A and the child domain of forest B (i.e. parent domain A trusts child domain B).

I now want to use the AD accounts that are setup in child domain B from within parent domain A - BUT THIS DOESN'T WORK! Any ideas why? Help will be VERY MUCH appreciated.

This is for setting up a SCS on one forest and SMS on the other forest (all the vPro clients will be part of the same child domain as the SMS).

Thanks. Tal

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