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Slow RAID5 rebuild



I am using the following workstation:

- Asus P5K Premium Wifi / Intel P35 /w ICH9R

- Intel Core 2 Quad Q 9450 @ 2.66 GHz

- 3 x Samsung SpinPoint F1 750GB drives in one RAID5 array.

- Windows Vista Ultimate x64

This morning I got a warning from Intel Matrix Storage Console (IMSC) that one of my drives is filing and e will rebuild data on in from parity info. No sudden power loss or other unexpected things happened, the only thing I can think is that sometime I use Windows Vista's sleep mode, that turns off the HDD's.

My problem is that the rebulid is VERY slow. IMSC estimates 76 hours @ 22%. The CPU usage is almost null: 1-3%. First time I started rebuild IMSC said that my HDD's are in slow mode. Could this cause that the rebulid is that slow? How could I speed up the rebulid?

Please respond as soon as possible because besides the slow rebulid, the entire HDD speed is very slow and simply disables working with databases and video storage applications.

Thank you in advance,

Jozsef Dubravszky

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