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Static IP based Remote Configuration not working on Dell OptiPlex 7040


We have Dell OptiPlex 9020's in our labs, and we are evaluating a Dell OptiPlex 7040 for a bulk purchase this summer. In the evaluation process, I found that static IP based remote configuration is not working on the 7040. I have a 9020 and a 7040 side-by-side configured exactly the same, and they behave differently during the remote configuration process. We use a self-signed CA cert from Active Directory that is imported into the MEBx cert store via a USB key. The computers have static IP's that are configured in MEBx. Remote configurations are initiated with ACUConfig.exe. The remote configuration succeeds on the 9020, but fails on the 7040. The configuration will succeed on the 7040 if I configure it to use DHCP, but only if Option 15 is sent from the DHCP server. The 9020 also works on DHCP, but does not require Option 15 if we define the PKI DNS Suffix in MEBx. The 7040 will only succeed if Option 15 is set via the DHCP server, defining the PKI DNS Suffix does not affect the outcome.

Intel SCS v11.0.0.214

Dell OptiPlex 9020 MEBx v9.0.0.0029

Dell OptiPlex 7040 MEBx v11.0.0.0005

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi foleys,

Are you able to boot to the USB (Setup.bin) on your Dell OptiPlex 7040 (MEBx v11.0.0.0005) ? You should be getting a prompt for USB configuration during boot time, it is possible that you need to enable USB provisioning in your BIOS settings in case you are not getting the prompt.

Also, what is the command and error message you are getting when running ACUConfig.exe on your OptiPlex 7040 ?

In any case, I recommend you to enter a biz-support ticket for this issue to be reviewed by a customer support profesional , go to and enter your ticket, Intel employees are no longer tracking this forum on a regular basis

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Thank you for the suggestion, I have submitted a business support ticket to Intel.

Yes, the setup.bin file is applied to both computers; both computers are MEBx configured exactly the same.

The error message is the generic TCP error. "0xc000521c: A TCP error occurred. Make sure that the destination settings are correct and that a network connection exists to the target."

I have never found the TCP error to be helpful; there are too many reasons why the SCS server might not be able to reach the client.

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