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Strange issue with Intel AMT remomote control using VNC and the Manageability Commander Tool


@We are having an issue using VNC and the Manageability Commander Tool. The issue is that we have 3 systems provisioned but only one of the 3 systems is able to remote into the others via AMT KVM. For example: System A can remote into System B and System C. System C cannot remote into B or A. Likewise System B cannot remote into C or A.

Has anyone had this issue and have knowledge on how to fix it?

The systems are Dell Latitudes E7440 (system A), Latitude E6440 (system B), and Latitude E6530 (system C).

All have Windows 8.1 Enterprise.

All provisioned using Intel SCS version 11

All accessible via their web URL (

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  1. Intel AMT does not have to be accessed from other Intel VPro/AMT system. Management console can be any system (or server) running OS that can run your management tools.
  2. If you can access Intel AMT WebUI via browser it means you have provisioned AMT but maybe have not:
    • Enabled AMT redirection port (see Redirection Port in Remote Control TAB)
    • KVM redirection feature - see same tab, Remote Desktop settings - KVM shall be enabled over Redirection Port or/and Standard RFB port 5900.


      Please note Standard RFB port requires to set also exactly 8 characters long strong (4 of 4) password.
    • Redirection feature realms in AMT ACL - if you use AMT digest Administrator account (admin) it is granted by design but if other account it has to have Redirection realm
    • your network firewall(s) blocks TCP 16995 port (AMT TLS Redirection port) - check if you can remotely access ex BIOS setup from AMT Commander SOL Terminal console - it if works -AMT Redirection port is opened and accessible.
    • last but not least - if your target/managed systems have discrete or dual/switchable Graphics - Intel AMT KVM works only with/when Intel processor graphics being active.

Dariusz Wittek


Intel EMEA Biz Client Solution Architect
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