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Two questions about vPro

Any help appreciated!

1. Does a vPro CPU work on a non vPro (Q*) motherboard, and under what limitations?

2. If the answer to (1) is "yes", then will VMCS be available when that motherboard is used?

I'm actually hoping for a definitive answer from someone familiar with the way the features (inter-)operate or who has tried it...

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Hello Grunthos,

Thank you for joining the community

The vPro/AMT technology requires 3 components to be present in order to make a system AMT capable. 1 is a AMT capable processor, 2 is an Intel network adapter (LAN or WLAN or both) and 3 is a AMT capable board that includes an Intel chipset and the Management Engine. So to answer your question, by installing a AMT capable processor in a non AMT board will have no effect and the system will still be no AMT manageable.

Hope this clarifies your inquiry.


Jose A.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Thanks for the reply; unfortunately it does not answer the question ... I think.

I am asking about VMCS which, I believe, is not part of AMT. IIRC, one person stated elsewhere that they disable AMT but still have VMCS.

VMCS is only on chips with vPro, but it is unclear to me if that is a marketing decision or a technical one (I don't know if some aspect of VMCS inherently relies on vPro internals).

To be as clear as possible: I do not want AMT, I do want VMCS, and I know that I must at least buy a vPro CPU to get one that also supports VMCS.


In fact, this vPro white paper:

Makes no mention of VMCS, making me think that VMCS is technically independent of vPro.

If noone has any insights on the relationship, is there a suggestion of where I might make further enquiries?