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USB AMT Provisioning


I am probably missing something very simple so hopefully someone has a quick answer.

In AMT Director, I setup a Security Profile and then generated a key in One Touch configuration that reference the profile. I then moved the thumb drive to an AMT unprovisioned board, restarted the machine and I received a message that MEBx was provisioned correctly. Then I rebooted and...nothing???

Now what do I do? I thought when I rebooted, the board would communicate to AMT Director, setup and that I would be able to connect via director and/or Commander. It doesn't work. What am I doing wrong. And if there is more I have to do from the host machine, what is the point of the USB provisioning?



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/docs/DOC-1787 sounds like you started off on the right track in getting USB Provisioning started. However, there is more that you need to do to make sure that it works within your environment. As you've indicated, once the system picks up the setup.bin file from the thumb drive, it goes into a One Touch Provisioning mode and it needs to contact a "provisionserver" (DNS entry) to complete the setup process. The Manageability Director Tool is setup to behave/respond like an Enterprise provisioning server, but the AMT system may not know how to reach it because there isn't a DNS entry for it.

You have 3 options for completing this One Touch Provisioning process using the Manageability Director Tool.

  1. Add a DNS entry for "provisionserver" that points to the system running the Director tool.


  2. Go into the Management Engine BIOS Extension (MEBx) and manually enter the IPv4 address of the system running the Director tool.


  3. Within the host OS of the AMT system, you could manually trigger the Hello packets that the AMT device sends to the provision server to complete the setup process. There are a few utilities that do this but I'm not an expert on how to use them.


    • /docs/DOC-1787 Intel® vPro™ Technology Activator Wizard


    • /docs/DOC-2517 Intel® vPro Activator on LiveCD


Please consider reviewing the One Touch Provisioning process for AMT from the following materials:


Hi Brett,

I am sorry I didn't get back to you on Friday. I was out of the office.

Thank you for your answer. I was able to go into the MEBx BIOS and manually enter the ip address of the system running the Director tool. After I did that, the AMT system was able to find and connect to the Director tool.

However, I would like that to happen without my having to go into the MEBx and add the ip address of the system running the Director tool manually. Where do I "Add a DNS entry for "provisionserver" that points to the system running the Director tool". Is that in the Director tool somewhere?

Thanks for the links. I will review the articles you referenced.

Bill Nackers

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