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Upgraded Dell Optiplex BIOS from A03 to A05 - now getting CimException whilst setting up IDE-R session!?

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Hi all,

Today I upgraded my Intel i3 based system Dell Optiplex 990 from BIOS revision A03 to A05. This included a firmware update for Intel ME.

Unfortunately, when I now run my project to engage with this system using the Intel SDK components for an IDE-R session, the following exception is returned:

Intel.Manageability.Exceptions.CimException: Logic error: Received an unknown class - IPS_BootConfigSetting






The line of code, within RemoteControlTypedApi.cs, which generates this exception, is:

public string GetCurrentBootDeviceName(bool verbose)


//Get the CIM_BootSourceSetting all CIM_BootSources are connected to

CIM_BootSourceSetting bootSource = new CIM_BootSourceSetting(wsmanClient); <-----------</span>

Please could someone advise me why doing an upgrade seems to have disabled functionality? The logic of my application checks the currently set boot device on the system and if necessary, sets it back to IDE-R or Hard Disk, dependent on the current mode of operation. Has this function been superceded? If so, how could I best implement it?

Help would be very much appreciated,



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Hi Alex,

The problem you are seeing has to do with a feature that is included in the A05 BIOS and ME firmware upgrade (the "Additional vPro support" mentioned in the Fixes and Enhancements on Dell's site). This feature adds some objects to the firmware that the SDK sample does not recognize (the object of type IPS_BootConfigSetting is an example). I will try find out if there is a workaround that you can use to deal with your problem.

Best Regards,