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Vaio Enable All Intel ME Firmware Feature States


*A continuation of a deleted post*
**Returning from being instructed to contact OEM for an SDK to enable AMT in the bios

I've contacted Sony via a couple of the emails listed on their contact us page I received this auto-response 
Thank you for contacting Sony:
To better direct your inquiry, please use the following contacts:
Service Inquiries:
Sony Electronics Service (their website) or call 1-800-222-7669 (US)
Today or tomorrow I will give them a call
I also wrote on their community forum, though I doubt receiving any response.

Additionally in the attached Intel docs, they confirm that my chipset HM76 is compatible with Intel AMT, and also I found in my C folder an AMT log file from 2012 when i first purchased my laptop, could someone have a look at it please and explain to me what it states.

What I would also like to understand is, besides AMT, as it is one of the many disabled Intel services in my system I want to enable, is if Sony has to be the one to enable all these disabled Intel features.
In using HWinfo64 I found a host of options under
[ME Firmware Capabilities] and [ME Firmware Feature State].
The log file is attached
Correct me if I'm wrong, the 13 options listed as not capable under [ME Firmware Capabilities] can be changed to capable once they are enabled in their [ME Firmware Feature State].
However, the 3 listed as not capable under[ME Firmware Feature State] are simply not supported, correct?

[ME Firmware Feature State]
Full Network Manageability: Disabled
Standard Network Manageability: Disabled
Manageability (AMT): Disabled
Intel Anti-Theft: Disabled
Virtualization Engine: Disabled
Remote PC Assist (RPAT): Disabled
IPV6: Disabled
KVM Remote Control: Disabled
Outbreak Containment Heuristic (OCH): Disabled
Cipher Transport Layer (TLS): Disabled
Wireless LAN (WLAN): Disabled
Platform Trust Technology (PTT): Disabled
Near Field Communication (NFC): Disabled
Small Business Advantage: Not Capable
Manageability Upgrade: Not Capable
Identity Protection Technology (IPT): Not Capable

Now as mentioned prior, Sony no longer provides support for Vaio pcs and for seemingly an extensive job I doubt they will give any assistance. 
Lets see when I give them a ring and try my best, but anyway, i'll to understand something further.
Say I manage to enable all the features, they would all require updating right? Such as firmware/drivers but also some are outdated such as Intel Anti-Theft & TLS (now Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).  Would those be able to be upgraded?

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Did you get everything figured out to accomplish this yet?  I'm doing the same thing with a Dell Latitude E5530 and didn't find much info here.

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Still working on it, im changing the chipset to QM77.

Which will be done in 2/3 months. When that's done i update this thread

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What a complete waste of time.

You do not have a BIOS that contains support for vPro, so having the Q chipset is not going to get you anything. Seriously, if you want to play with AMT, then you need to get a real vPro-enabled platform. This means having a vPro-enabled chipset, a vPro-enabled BIOS and a vPro-enabled processor. If any of these three is missing, then you have a non-vPro result.


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