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VaioSVE15 Enable All Intel ME Capabilties


My third attempt at rewriting this message.

I've contacted Sony via a couple of the emails listed here
And I received this automatic response 
Thank you for contacting Sony:
To better direct your inquiry, please use the following contacts:
Service Inquiries:
Sony Electronics Service: or call 1-800-222-7669 (US)
Today or tomorrow I will give them a call
I also wrote on their community forum, though I doubt receiving any response.

Additionally in the attached Intel docs, they confirm that my chipset HM76 is compatible with Intel AMT, and also I found in my C folder an AMT log file from 2012 when i first purchased my laptop, have a look at it please and explain to me what it states.

What I would also like to understand is, besides AMT as it one of the many disabled Intel services in my system I want to enable, is if Sony has to be the one to enable all these disabled Intel features.
In using HWinfo64 I found a host of options under
[ME Firmware Capabilities] and [ME Firmware Feature State].
The log file is attached, is it true that all the options listed as not capable under [ME Firmware Capabilities] can be changed to capable once they are enabled in their [ME Firmware Feature State]?
And the 3 listed as not capable under[ME Firmware Feature State] are simply not supported, correct?

[ME Firmware Feature State]
Full Network Manageability: Disabled
Standard Network Manageability: Disabled
Manageability (AMT): Disabled
Intel Anti-Theft: Disabled
Virtualization Engine: Disabled
Remote PC Assist (RPAT): Disabled
IPV6: Disabled
KVM Remote Control: Disabled
Outbreak Containment Heuristic (OCH): Disabled
Cipher Transport Layer (TLS): Disabled
Wireless LAN (WLAN): Disabled
Platform Trust Technology (PTT): Disabled
Near Field Communication (NFC): Disabled
Small Business Advantage: Not Capable
Manageability Upgrade: Not Capable
Identity Protection Technology (IPT): Not Capable

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As I said before, it is the Q chipsets that support Intel AMT. The H chipsets do not support Intel AMT. I don't know what you are reading but you are reading something into it that simply isn't there. The H chipsets host the ME Consumer firmware. This firmware does not contain support for Intel AMT. Intel AMT support is provided within the ME Corporate firmware. The H chipsets cannot host the ME Corporate firmware; only the Q chipsets can do so.

In order for full Intel vPro manageability to be enabled, you must combine an Intel vPro-ready chipset with an Intel vPro-Ready processor. Only the Q chipsets are Intel vPro-ready, so right there you are out of luck, but let's continue the analysis anyway. You have a Core i5-3210M processor in this laptop. This processor is NOT Intel vPro-ready. If you open and enter "Intel Core i5-3210M" in the search box, you will see the specs for this processor. If you work your way down to the Advanced Technologies section, you will see an entry that says "Intel vPro® Platform Eligibility: No".

Bottom line - and I can't say this any simpler - you do not have the ability to utilize Intel AMT support in a system based upon the HM76 chipset and the Core i5-3210M processor.


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Ciao Scott!
Good news, I listened to your other post and yesterday my QM77 chipset was shipped.
So lets keep this post open, i'm excited to see the results after it's installed.

I have to correct you though my CPU is an I7-3840QM.
Therefore i'm expecting all to work smoothly, luckily in Milan there a professional service for installing BGA chips.
Also, sincerely thank you for all your effort in explaining to newcomers such as myself.
I would give you a hardware Super User medal if I could
I'm happy being loyal Intel consumer.
I'll give an update sometime in March when i'm back in Milan.
Happy days until then

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