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Virtualisation Issue


Hi every one my name is Allali

actually am focus on Virtualisation technologie

So I saw a sony vaio with double core Processor T7250 the CPU belong to VT-X list link to this url below

when am accessing the Bios configuration, there is no options relited to VT like weather or not enable VT-x capabilitie

So What am asking is if I install an ESX 4.0 inside vmware workstation as VM, it will be installed successfully ???????? even the bios doesn't mention no thing about it

if yes Please tell me how to proceed

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Hi jaouadINTEL,

Yes, you are correct that the Intel(r) T7250 processor does support VT-x. However, the chipset, processor and BIOS all need to support VT in order for everything to work correctly. Generally there is an option made available in the BIOS settings that allows a user to enable or disable VT. If that option is not there it is possible that either the chipset or BIOS doesn't support VT. I'd suggest contacting Sony and finding out if your particular model is capable of supporting VT or if there is an update you can install that will enable VT support.

For installation questions regarding ESX 4.0 and VMWare, you'll need to contact VMWare directly.

Hope this helps!

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