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What Intel chips have or can use AMT and vPro functions?


I am researching System Management products from KACE, Absolute, Symantec, Filewav, and Landesk. Management side Intel demo listed companies like Altiris. I am trying to identify what computers have these functions. I have seen a few Intel sites. /docs/DOC-4797?decorator=print only has core 2 processors. Is the AMT and or the vPro functions only available in computer with vPro sticker. Altiris sales people never mentioned vPro or AMT. Intel demo functions like the ability to isolate a specific machine due to updates or virus the Altiris sales people said this can not be done in Altiris. Only without Symantec NAC which is part of End Point Protection. I understand sales, but I want data. What is need to get Intel's functions like in the demo? Blue screen remote and locking down a computer.

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