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What are ISDU, VPTU, and SCS? Other tools for vPro deployments?


In browsing the site - interested to know the purpose of the following tools. Are these reference tools, enterprise tools, or other?

Are there other tools provided by Intel for vPro deployments?

Do the above tools integrate with system management consoles like Microsoft SMS, LANDesk System management, Altiris client management, HP Openview, or other?

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Hi Tyster and welcome to the vPro Expert Center!

The tools you mention below are mostly for testing and enablement.

  • The ISDU is, as you correctly figured, a limited functionality console, designed for system integrators and small to medium businesses to remotely configure system defence features and control power states.

  • vPro test utility is a tool designed for OEMs, to test whether their machines pass the requirements to become vPro branded enterprise desktops

  • Intel Setup and Configuration Service is an example of a setup and configuration appliance designed to help software vendors write their own versions. A Setup and Configuration appliance is required to perform enterprise mode setups of vPro. (you will not need it in SMB mode deployments)

  • AMT DTK. This is technically another enabling tool, as you discovered. However it is also a great tool to test vPro in your environment, as it is free of charge (at least to my knowledge) and includes the sourcecode.

None of the tools mentioned above integrate with third party software. For SMS you can download the iAMT add-on for SMS from the Intel website. It will enable iAMT functions to be performed from within SMS. It also contains a version of a Setup and Configuration appliance for enterprise mode setups.

Other management consoles either provide their own addons or have got vPro/iAMT capabilities fully integrated into the application. I suggest you have a look around this forum, there have been some discussions around management consoles. (or try Google)

There are some more tools like a SDK and RDK available from the Intel Managability Software Community. Is there anything you are looking for in particular?

Let us know if you have any more questions!


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Plz add additional to the PRO TOOL WIKI

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