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Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Can Not Uninstall Intel Network Connections


On an Intel DX58SO Motherboard Running Bios 10/20/2009 with an Intel 82567LM-2 network hardware, the network has stopped working and can not get going again. System is running Windows 7 Ultimate X64 after upgrading from Vista Ultimate X64. It was working after the upgrade, but now is not. The SMB bus driver was reinstalled do to an issue with the driver and now the network is not working. Can not install new drivers because whenever the software is uninstalled from the control panel, the message.

The software version is not designed for this version of Microsoft Windows. For information and available software version for Intel Network Connections, see

So I am guessing since this could have been installed under Vista, it will not uninstall itself since we are under Windows 7 now?

Please help, network is down on this machine. Will have to go out and purchase an non-intel network card until this is resolved.

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