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best way to batch configure?


I have a bunch ( 200-300 ) computers ranging from amt 6 to 9 configured with the most basic way of lan connectivity ( can't remember the name this has on each amt version ), I want to configure their kvm sol ider etc, and I'm looking for the fastest way to do it

I have manageability commander tool mesh edition v0.1.35 and am able to connect to the computers and individually configure them, this of course is mind numbing

I've tried with vpro SDK but run into the problem that the line call "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\regasm" "IWSManClient.dll" /codebase /tlb gives me an error, if I remove /codebase /tlb it works, but then the js fails anyway when it tries to create the amt object, this has been tested on windows 8 and 10 and regasm from different versions of .net

I've also tried to follow this but looks like the address it relies on is no longer operative

is there any other way I can run an exe/script which can take parameters and can batch configure my machines?, or can anyone help so I can get any previous solutions to work for me?

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I guess that you used either Manual Configuration via MEBx BIOS module accessible via Control-P during POST or you created setup.bin file for USB configuration (done as well via MEBx FW during POST).

So Intel AMT is configured into Admin Control mode.


Unless KVM/IDE-R/SOL features were disabled in the ME FW they shall be accessible over Intel AMT Redirection port (16994 as you do not have TLS configured in such simple way).


The only thing you are missing is enabling (opening) AMT Redirection port listener.


You can do it via Manageability Commander Tool (or the latest Intel Manageability Commander) on 1:1 basis.


In Intel SDK (in folder\Windows\Intel_AMT\Bin\Ws-Management\C# ) there is RedirectionConfig.exe tool you have to run it on management console with AMT Redirection Realm (or AMT adminnistator) credentials to open Intel AMT Redirection port, ex.:RedirectionConfig.exe -setsolinterfacestate true -host -user -pass

If you want to set other AMT settings (ex. Add AMT WiFi profiles or TLS) you may :

On AMT 7.x or newer systems (On Dell, Intel MB and Lenovo AMT 6.2 or newer) you may run Host Based Configuration on top of current AMT settings - download Intel SCS Configurator package from:

Use ACU_Wizard to create your Intel AMT settings (on any PC) save it to XML file and then on each Intel vPro based target machine you have to install full Intel ME SW (with Intel LMS service) and then run:

ACUConfig.exe ConfigAMT /AbortOnFailure /DecryptionPassword /AdminPassword

If you will install Intel RCS server then you can also re-load Intel AMT settings from Intel RCS server using:


ACUConfig.exe ConfigviaRCSOnly /AdminPassword

Good luck

Dariusz Wittek

Intel EMEA Biz


Client Solution Architect
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