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certification question for AMT SDK sample (eventlogreader.exe)

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In AMT SDK, there are 1 eventlogreader samples (WS-Management). There are 1 cert option in the parameter. I provision the AMT client with SCCM. Which certification name need by type if I used MS CA server? For example, my CA server is, certification name is sccmsp1-vpro. I tried a lot of name, but the commander still display error. Who can educate me which name should be type in the case?

eventlogreader verbose -krb -user <username> -pass <password> -cert <name> -target <target> -tls denied:-proxy <proxy ip:port> -proxyUserName <proxyUserName> -proxyPass <proxyPassword>


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For the samples in the Intel(R) AMT SDK where you need to provide a certificate for mutual TLS authentication, you should provide the common name (CN) of the certificate that represents the "console" system that is running the samples. Make sure that you provide the full common name for the certificate.

Based on the info you provided, the certificate common name might be "". This would be the string value you provide on the command line for the "-cert' parameter.