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vPro Activator client can't connect to SCS Lite Server


Hello, I am having trouble getting a workstation running the vPro activator wizard to connect the the SCS Lite Server.

In my test environment, the client and server are the same physical computer running Windows 7 Professional.

I have tried going throught the PDF instructions relating to customising the DCOM and WMI security properties for the user account accessing the server, as well as granted the account the necessary local security polices (log on as service, etc). I have also disabled the firewall.

No matter what I try, the activator wizard fails with this message.

Could not connect to server.

This could indicate one of the following:

- The Intel SCS service is not running (it is)

- The Intel SCS Server name and credentials were not correct (they are)

- The Server running the Intel SCS Service is unreachable (I don't see why this would be the case)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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I'm not sure I'm following you, but I don't believe the server and computer can be on the same machine, because I do not believe that the OS on the AMT machine can communicate with it's own AMT.


The previous reply is correct, you cant run the SCS on the client, even with the software driver stack installed on the O/S - the MEI driver allows limited communication for local inquiries of the iAMT FW and does not support the provisioning of itself. The SCS lite needs to run on a separate platform. You should also have a switch that can be your DNS/DHCP environment also.

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