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vPro Flash Module Development

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Hi Experts,

I'm looking for some informations around vPro Falsh Module that is available on vPro Laptops.

My questions are relative to the possibility to implement some program code inside the Flash :

- Is it possible to write Executable Code on the Flash?

- If so, would it be a 16 or 32 bits code ?

- Can we implement Boot-Block code as MBR on the Flash so we would be abble to boot on the Flash rather than the Drive or USB Key.

- Can we implement a BIOS EFI Extension code on the Flash ?

- Can we use a NetworkBootProgram PXE for exemple on our code ?

- What size could we expect to use on the Flash to inject our code in the vPro Flash Module ?

- Is there a Technical Reference Document for the Flash vPro Module we could use ?

Thanks a lot for your help on this !



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Hello Damien,

For this type of question, I'm guessing that you'll probably get a better response on the Manageability Software Development forum. I can tell you that, for security reasons, it's not possible to write code to execute within the Manageability Engine though.

Trevor Sullivan

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Hi Damien!

I've forwarded your query to the concerned person however you might want to do the needful as advised by Trevor.

Trevor - Thanks champ for pitching in!


Warm Regards,

Javed Lodhi

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