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vPro and virtualization software


How does vPro technology work with virtualization software from VMware or Citrix? Does it compete with or compliment the virtualization software? Are there any whitepapers that address or document vPro and virtualization SW?

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Hello! Here is the response that I tracked down for you. Please let me know if have further questions!

Intel® vPro™ Technology is a platform that consists of underlying technologies to deliver value to the end user and businesses. These technologies include Intel® Active Management Technology, Intel® Virtualization Technology, Intel® Trusted Execution technology, and Intel® Anti-Theft Technology.

Citrix offers client side compute solutions, such as XenDesktop 3 w/Provisioning Services that enables OS streaming. Intel® vPro™ Technology platforms combined with PVS (Provisioning Services) enables IT to better secure and manage the platform through use of Intel® Active Management Technology, such as power management, secure authentication to 802.1x networks, asset inventory, secure remote HW remediation, and protection form malware with agent presence and system defense filters. OS streaming may be used in conjunction with application streaming or virtualization as well to offer better client/application management as well as reduce TCO management costs.

Intel recently announced a joint collaboration with both Citrix and VMware. VMware and Citrix will be offering competing solutions aimed at client-side hypervisor solution. Both of the solutions will be optimized for Intel® vPro™ Technology. Specifically, Intel® Virtualization Technology and Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (both included exclusively in vPro™ PCs) will be leveraged to offer near native performance and secure measured hypervisor launch, thus ensuring a trusted foundation for the client hypervisor to run. More information about both products may be found at VMware & Citrix's website. The client-side hypervisor solutions will offer IT central management and control that are typical of server-side compute models as well as client-side compute and graphics performance that users need to be productive as well as mobility from being constantly connected to the network to be productive.

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