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vPro - remotecontrol.exe doesn't power on


I have 13 training room PCs that have the same system settings configured in MEBx.

Each PC is setup with a static IP. When powered on, I can remotely access all the PCs using VNC. I then can use remotecontrol.exe to power down or reset any of the PCs. However, once I power down 3 of the PCs, I can't use remotecontrol.exe to power the PCs back up immediately afterward.

I swapped the network port with another PC that worked fine, but the problem is following the PC. The 13 PCs connect to 2 switches in the network closet. But each switch has multiple PCs that work fine using remotecontrol.exe.

I have noticed these 3 PCs don't respond to pings when in the powered down state. The other 10 PCs do this as they should since all are configured to respond to pings in MEBx.

I issue this command to control the power state or restart the PC:

remotecontrol -hostname COMPUTERXX -user admin -pass mailto:Dr@gon78 ****** -powerup

Any sugggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Customer has also posted this to the Intel Customer Service portal, thread has been moved to that forum.

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