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USB bandwidth and connections


I have a question about the realsense physican connector on the D400 series (I am looking at the D435 camera). I see it is a USB C (usb 3.1) connector, but the specs page says that is USB 3.0 Type - C. is this just a typo, or does the camera run on usb 3.0 (meaning a 5 ghz bandwidth).

Does the camera developer kit come with any bundled cables? USB C to USB type A cables are available, as I have USB 3.0 ports, if the spec is correct I should be able to use these ports for the camera. If I use a USB 3.1 connection do I get access to any higher features (the 90 fps seems a lot for USB 3.0) ?

I also do not see any power requirements on the specifications, USB 3.1 can provide more current, (usb 3.0 has 1.5 amps and 3.1 is up to 5 amps), it would be great to know the requirements for the cameras.

I am asking this also as I am looking at the cameras to replace kinect V2 cameras, I have high quality USB 3.0 cables that are 5m long that allow me to use kinect V2 cameras at full 5gpps. I dont find many usb 3.0 to usb c cables, mostly charging cables for phones that dont support data, or full data rates, I am happy to make a custom convertor for myself if I know the actual specs.

What cables are people using with the D435? Has anyone extended the distance between the camera and the computer?

I know I can use remote computers and retreive the data over a network but I am trying to avoid this for various reasons.

Thanks for your time.


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Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm really glad that you've got better performance now. Good luck with your work!

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I successfully connected multiple cameras to 5m and 7m extensions, after testing a bunch of different cable models.

Curiously I made the experience that amplifying the cables with an external psu did not make any difference.

The whole setup works best when I un-/replug the cables just before starting the application either physically or via a script.

Once up, I had no issues running 6 cameras at one computer for days or even weeks straight with a 1280x720 15fps depth+color stream each, with 1 cam on 7m, 2 cams on 5m, 2 on 3m and 1 on 2m extensions.


Best results I achieved by plugging them in a powered PCIe USB controller with an internal bus per port.

I don't know the successful cable models out of my head, only that they were around 30€.

If I'll remember I can check back and post it here.

Anyone tried a longer usb-c cable like this one?

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USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 3.0 are basically the same thing. In another word, D400 series is using USB 3.0 connectivity with a Type-C interface. The USB 3.0 (or 3.1 Gen 1) Type-A to Type-C cable is basically the same thing to USB 3.0 A to micro B cable that you use for 200 series RealSense Camera.

Regarding your bandwidth concern, as long as the USB cable you use meets the signal integrity standard, shouldn't be a problem work with the camera.

Just make sure you don't share multiple cameras by one upstream USB 3.0 hub. Sharing cameras directly connect to your CPU is fine though, the main bus designed to support multiple full bandwidth USB 3.0 lines.

3m and 5m industrial grade USB 3.0 cable has been widely used by industrial applications such as machine vision, medical imaging for many years. These applications also require high bandwidth and frame rate transmission as well as RealSense.


Hope this white paper can help a bit.

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Hi Newnet

I wonder if the cable U3S1A01C12-010 of Newnex can be applied to D435 with the screws? Can you show me the picture of the connection example. Thankyou very much

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I got the MB, which has 6 USB3.0 port A, and 1 USB type-c. I also uplug in D415 at MB USB port. 【技嘉Z370M D3H 主板】技嘉(GIGABYTE)Z370M D3H 主板 (Intel Z370/LGA 1151)【行情 报价 价格 评测】-京东 , I also upload MB picture.

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