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3072x2048 video compression into H.264


Hello I have a very specific task to achieve, and wanted to know if it's possible.

I have 3072x2048 blocks of raw RGB data (24 bit) that I want to make an H.264 video with, there is no audio.

Is that possible with this SDK? I have noticed that many software packages crash with that resolution, and I wondered whether it was because of the algorithm itself?

Once completed, I later need to grab and decode individual frames from that video stream, it doesn't have to be quick, but I do need the exact frame. For example, let's say I just wanted frame 1287 from the video. I'm guessing it'll have go back to the nearest IDR frame then move forward from there or something? 

Is all this possible?



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Hi Dave,

Yes, Intel Media SDK can encode content with such resolution into H.264. However, current generation of Intel Core platforms does not have capability to encode content with such resolution using HW acceleration so instead the Intel Media SDK SW encoder will be used. Next generation Intel Core platform, due this year, will supportHWencode of up to 4K resolution.

Regarding RGB24 support. Intel Media SDK only supports RGB32 color pace format. RGB format must first be converted to NV12 before fed to the encoder. For RGB32, this can be achieved using the Media SDK VPP component. For RGB24 you will have to resort to other components such as Intel IPP. For an example on how to perform color conversion from RG24 together with Media SDK please refer to the Intel Media SDK tutorial: 

If you encode the stream with frequently recurring I-frames (controlled by GopPicSize) then quick search to specific frame will be fast.


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