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Decode Header Status:-3 while trying to use OneVPL Libraries for decoding H265 file



I am trying to use the OneVPL Libraries for decoding instead of MediaSDK Libraries.


As part of this , i have modified our testapp similar to hello-decode sample avaialble in github,


but while running the sample, get the decode header error -3 (which means not supported ).


I am running the sample on TGLH-DG2512-FRD-D Board. 

The video type is set to H265, as done in hello-decode sample. Implimentation type is set to HARDWARE. 

sample input file is used for examples folder of OneAPI Folder.



Below is the log.

Input File: akiyo_cif_h265.h265
Output File: out.raw
+++++MFXCreateSession return value =0
Implementation details:
ApiVersion: 2.7
Implementation type: HW
AccelerationMode via: D3D11
Path: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\iigd_dch_d.inf_amd64_c590ba24fc90a79e\libmfx64-gen.dll

videoType : 1129727304
bitstream_codec :1129727304 decode_Codec :1129727304
+++++Prepare input bitstream and start decoding....
bitstream_codec :1129727304 decode_Codec :1129727304
Bitstream: :0 :1129727304 :0 :0
:0 : :0 :2000000
:2000000 :0 :0 :0 :0
decodeParams: :0 :0 :0 :0
:0 :32
:0 :0
Decode Header Status:-3

Error decoding header


Makefile has changes done to link against vpl lib like below.


ONEVPL_LIB = $(ONEVPL_DIR)\lib\vpl.lib



Can you pls help me in resolving this issue. ?

1. Is additional libraries needed for  GPU Based decode ?

2. Is the video type passed as H265 needs further type casting ?








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Since this is a duplicate thread of, we will no longer monitor this thread. We will continue addressing this issue in the other thread.


Janani Chandran

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