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H.264 full range encoding,decoding and conversion to/from RGB4


I am using Intel Media SDK 1.19 on Windows. Currently I try to figure out

1. How to convert an image from RGB4 to NV12 color space with "full range" color values I tried to use the mfxExtVPPVideoSignalInfo as extended parameter at the VPP initialization, but then the Init call always returns error -14 (MFX_ERR_INCOMPATIBLE_VIDEO_PARAM).

    mfxExtVPPVideoSignalInfo video_signal_info = {};
    video_signal_info.Header.BufferId = MFX_EXTBUFF_VPP_VIDEO_SIGNAL_INFO;
    video_signal_info.Header.BufferSz = sizeof(mfxExtVPPVideoSignalInfo);
    video_signal_info.TransferMatrix = MFX_TRANSFERMATRIX_UNKNOWN;
    video_signal_info.NominalRange = MFX_NOMINALRANGE_0_255;

2. How to use the mfxExtVideoSignalInfo structure at the initialization step of the encoder.

Are there any examples which illustrates these features ?

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