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HEVC QSV Licensing Options for ffmpeg (Linux or Windows)?



I have a small non-commercial project that's been taking in real-time camera feeds into ffmpeg and using the H264_QSV plugin with great success to transcode the raw feeds into H.264 High@4.1 within an MPEG-TS.  I've recently acquired a STB which supports hardware HEVC decoding and have had success in it decoding the HEVC_QSV MPEG-TS stream from ffmpeg in real-time, but it is currently limited to 1000-frames due to licensing.  Other than "scripting" it to restart ffmpeg after 1000 frames, I'd thought I'd look into getting a proper license without the 1000-frames limit. :)

Any help on who to contact and what the pricing would be, would be greatly appreciated.  Only caveat is if the licensing ends up costing more than the price of a Maxwell-based NVIDIA Quadro without the two-encoder NVENC restriction, I may go that route even if I lose the ability to create HEVC with B-frames.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Daniel,

Yes, MSS evaluation version has frame limitation, It will no such limitation when you buy MSS professional edition.

You can find purchase information in, you also find Contact Reseller*

in the URL.




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