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Intel h264 encoder specifications?

I'm primarily interested in the x64 version of the Intel h264 encoder, but I'm encountering some connection anomalies with it.
I work with DirectShow graphs, and would like to drop the Intel h264 into a graph that manipulates a video stream in various ways. (In the x86 version of this graph, I use an x264vfw filter for this purpose, but vfw compressors are not wrapped by x64 DirectShow the way they are in x86.)
I'm finding that I can't even connect simple DirectShow filters like Microsoft's Color Space Converter or Smart Tee to the x64 Intel h264 encoder's input pin. However, raw video sources seem to connect with the encoder readily enough.
Is there a adapter filter available for connecting with the Intel h264, or is some sort of initialization necessary?
Thank you for any help or suggestions you can provide.
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The sample H264 DirectShow Filter accepts NV12 (YUV420) surfaces as input.Many color space converter filters accept this as input, but not as output. Many video file splittersand decoders will output this format. It sounds like the source of your video streams might not directly support outputting this. Is your source configurable?

You can create your own format converion using techniques described here:


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