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SDK v8.3.26.352\sample_decode memory leaks



Can you give me some advice on a number of memory leaks I am seeing with the latest Intel® Media SDK 2018 R1 - Media Samples\sample_decode

If you were to loop the contents of  'main()' 5 times using the latest decode sample, adding the call to Pipeline.Close(); on each iteration (also add  UnregisterClass(m_sWindowParams.lpClassName, GetModuleHandle(NULL)); in CDecodeD3DRender::Close()) you will see the attached memory leaks.

It is very common for a window to host a number of different streams for decode.

This is a simple test to illustrate the leaks, in our released code the structure is more defined for purpose but we see the same leaks.

Our window is never actually closed.

Thank you in advance for any advice.


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