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Skylake-U with H.264 decoder issue


Hi Sir,
On our product MIO-5272 with i3-6100, we’ve encountered H.264 decoder issue when we installed the SDK of intel server studio under Linux environment.
Based on the previous reply from IPS00089247,
SDK 16.5 is still in development and will be released in Sept 2016”.

I have also download the latest version Intel Media Server Studios 2017(Decoding sample version:7.0.16053611)
But the fail phenomenon are the same,


Decoding sample version:7.0.16053611
Our AE has tried  of following ways to test, but it still cannot support SW/HW decode.
1.   Ubuntu 16.04 amd64 with the Tool from our customer (execute from intel_sdk_for_opencl_2016_6.2.0.1760_x64)Finished -> Restarted and execute sample_decode from MediaSamples_Linux_2017:
/sample_decode h264 -i content/test_stream.264 –sw test report: error code -3 and 1
/sample_decode h264 -i content/test_stream.264 –hw  test report: error code -3 and 1

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